How do I pay rent online?

Click the Make a Payment button at the bottom of any page on our website.  They'll take you here to make a secure payment.

Does Bell Real Estate have access to my banking or payment information through the online ACH program?

Bell Real Estate does not have access to the tenants banking information nor are we able to alter any information the tenant has entered into the ACH program.  Bell Real Estate can only turn on or turn off the option for tenants to pay their rent online.  All ACH transactions occur by the instructions and/or information the tenant provides when they set up their ACH account.

This option is offered at the time tenant’s sign their Rental Agreement with a form labeled as the ACH Addendum.  After move in a tenants can come into one of the Bell Real Estate offices or request a form to be sent to them in order to sign up for this payment option.  It is best that tenants plan ahead and sign up well in advance of any need to use this option.  The request does have to be processed through our accounting department.   Please understand that we cannot usually offer same day set up for the ACH payment system.

What is joint responsibility?

Joint responsibility means that every tenant or cosigner is equally responsible for the whole. An example is if your rent is $1000 and there are two responsible parties then both persons are responsible and must ensure that the $1000 not just a portion such as $500 each person.  However we only collect $1000 not $2000.

Can I apply for more than one house?

We are sorry but have to ask that you apply for one unit at a time. However, we can transfer your application at any time (within the 60 days of your application becoming active) to a different unit free of charge.

I have an aid/service animal, what does this entail with your company?

Bell Real Estate will of course accept an aid/service animal at any property WITH proper documentation.

How do I pay application/cosigner fees?

Application fees can be paid by card when you apply online; in our office with: cash, cashier’s check, money order.  We can offer to accept credit or debit card at our Campus office only.  
Note: Free application fee coupons are valid only in-office.

Are application/cosigner fees refundable?

Yes to some instances. The fee is to perform the application screening. We process applications in a “1st come, 1st served” policy. This means if your application is only screened if you are in 1st position. If your application is in a 2nd or later position we will not process the application but instead just hold it. If your application is not in 1st position and screening has not begun then you are eligible for a refund. Please call our office to find out if you are eligible and to request a refund. It may take a few days for accounting to issue a refund check.

How long does the application process take?

The application process usually takes 24 to 72 hours once we have received all documents for your file (e.g. application, ID’s, proof of income).

Does Bell Real Estate accept Section 8?

Bell Real Estate will accept Section 8.  You will still need to complete and meet the application screening criteria.  Please know though that the property must meet Section 8 requirements.  So simply because we accept Section 8 does not mean that section 8 will approve the property.